Various Second Quality

These perfect glass lamps are wonderful examples of Moroccan handicraft art. We have a wide selection of lanterns and lamps, with various sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Whichever you choose you will not regret because the effect, created by the diffusion of light through the colored glass and perforated frame, is enchanting. Some of the Moroccan lamps have flat base which makes them suitable for usage as candle holders, or as table lamps. The base and frame of these lamps and lanterns is dark-colored metal. The metal has been perforated to create a stunning effect when the candle is lit inside.

The Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lamp shades do not include any electrics. They are hung from the ceiling with a hook next to your existing pendant ceiling. The hooks, mentioned above, you can also find in our shop. All our Moroccan lanterns and lamps are hand-made.

Moroccan lightning, Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lamps are perfect for decoration of any room.