Oriental Oriental Tea Tray Tables


If you are interested in serving your tea with style, in an Oriental way, we offer you original, traditional Moroccan tea tables and trays.

These finely decorated trays and tables are available in brass and with various-colored coatings: silver, gold, antique look or copper. Our vintage trays will make a wonderful addition to your collection, and they will bring out the beauty and individuality of the Orient. Start enjoying this unique style solution in your home, right now.

These serving trays are convenient home accessories that are very functional and add a classic design element to any room. The wonderfully-aromatic peppermint tea has a long tradition in Morocco and is the national drink of Moroccans. The special feature of Nana mint has its refreshing and healing effect.

Offered in a variety of different designs, these decorative trays from Marrakesh features an dramatic Oriental flair to your home decor.