Maroccan Moroccan Candle Lanterns


Lanterns from Marrakesh are portable lighting devices or mounted fixtures used to illuminate areas. Here you can find beautiful and unique Oriental lanterns made of glass, metal, leather, terracotta and carved wax.

Decorative lanterns in our shop have a wide range of designs. Attractive and practical Oriental lanterns, with handmade perforations and ornaments, are perfect decorative lighting. These handmade perforations complement and enhance the lanterns, creating a harmonious design that will add a sophisticated Oriental accent to any room. Our versatile lanterns are perfect if you want to give a timeless look  to your decor.

As a result of the precise perforation and ornamentation, you are provided with a unique, beautiful light and a shadow-play. Traditional design and craftsmanship distinguish our lanterns from other lanterns. Hand-finished and hand-carved by artisans, this unique pieces add an Arabian rustic flair to any room. High-quality materials will keep the Oriental lanterns safe for many years to come.

We stock a range of pieces that reflect an enormous mythological and religious heritage whilst at the same time having a unique aspect of design.