Furniture Oriental Rugs

Fine ethnographic Oriental rugs, kilims and other weavings have been produced by nomads and villagers throughout the Middle East and Central Asia for centuries.

Although at times you may find kilim rugs included in the general genre of "Oriental rugs", in more accepted practice kilims are in a class of their own. Kilim designs are made by interweaving the variously colored wefts and warps, thus creating what is known as a flatweave. The geometric motifs in these antique tribal rugs and weavings evolved directly on the loom.

Traditional designs, some religious, talismanic or totemic, were passed from one generation to the next, with each weaver creating subtle variations that reflected her own artistic personality. Wool is the primary and often the only material used to make a kilim rug. Our kilims likewise are woven from sheep's wool, into loving, traditional handicrafts.

They fit perfectly with any home style and they emphasize that style and deliberate contrasts. Of course, you can also use them as a wall hanging art.