Furniture Coat Racks and Lantern Hooks


Hang your coats up in style with our stylish and attractive, Moroccan metal coat racks. Besides them here you can also find Arabian lantern hooks with a classic design and eclectic appeal.

The contemporary design of our coat and hat racks will add stylish organization to your entryway. Our coat racks have a set of hooks that are attached to a coat rack and they are mainly used to hang coats and jackets. Alos they can be used in a kitchen or bathroom environment, to hang the towels.

Showcase a favorite lantern on our weighty cast iron lantern hooks. A simple, softly curved profile creates a perfect counterpoint to a variety of lamp styles. These are decorative and ritual objects which you cannot find everywhere. All the products have the best quality and they are handmade in Morocco. Constructed from quality metal and features curved, hanging arms that will complement the decor in your home.

Browse our store for coat racks and lantern hooks and add a touch of Moroccan style to your home.